CIDG Technology – enhanced energy efficiency for energy generation process

  • Technology for calculating and verifying heat rate deviation and GHG emission levels
  • CO2 emission monitoring
  • Power plant and coal-fired co-generation plant efficiency monitoring.
  • Recommendations for operational practice
  • Recommendations for investment plan
  • Emission rights management; preparation of reports and emission filings
  • Trade in emissions.

Clean Coal from non-bituminous sources

  • Delivery of Clean Coal installations
  • Management of non-bituminous coal processing installations using Clean Coal solution
  • Processing of non-bituminous coal using Clean Coal solution
  • Cleaning of non-bituminous coal using Clean Coal solution

Offer for the nuclear industry

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Safety system studies
  • Implementation plans. System analyses, specification of needs and requirements
  • Drafting of technical specifications
  • Implementation oversight and developer's supervision
  • Project management
  • Upgrade and design advisory

Services for the aviation industry

  • Programming and case studies for aviation projects, strategies, business plans, options analyses and risk assessments
  • Airport master planning
  • Renewal of airports, commercialisation of former military airports

Services for the telecom industry

  • Consulting and infrastructure audit (assessment, analysis)
  • Conceptual and case studies for telecom solutions
  • Tender documents, procedural supervision
  • Building permit designs
  • Investment oversight, project engineer
  • Establishment of ICT, optic fibre, copper wire and radio networks
  • ICT network maintenance and management